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Corsican villages

The heart of the island

If the citadel of Calvi, the port of Bastia or the beaches of Porto-Vecchio are among the must-sees when visiting the Island of Beauty, it is the Corsican villages that shelter its authentic soul, revealing little by little curious walkers all their treasures. And they are full of it! It is by browsing the towns and hamlets of Balagne, Cap Corse, south, walking – rising rather! – between high and austere houses of granite or shale, small churches pisanes and stony alleyways you will feel the unique atmosphere of this island so special, strong identity, history tormented, architectural heritage and natural sumptuous. Discover them from the campsite Corse Perla Di Mare!
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Corsican villages of Balagne

a concentrate of splendid villages

Monticello, Pigna, Corbara, Sant’Antonino are so many names that resonate as enchantment for those who already know Corsica … And as the promise of a thousand and one delights for the blessed who is about to discover it. The setting is already idyllic: located between Calvi and Porto, the region was for centuries during the real orchard of the island. Always very agricultural, its citrus plantations, its olive trees, its vineyards punctuate the gentle slopes of its hills punctuated with small bridges, chapels, perched villages. Among these wonders are Monticello, haven of calm surrounded by olive trees and overlooking beautiful beaches not far from Ile Rousse. Corbara which shelters, besides splendid beaches, the imposing baroque church of the Annunciation whose furniture as well as the Museum of the Treasury unveil all the richnesses and the splendors of the baroque Corsican art. Resolutely turned towards the future, the village of Pigna has an auditorium whose architecture combines tradition and modernity and hosts in July the major musical event of the island, the festival Estivoce. Stalls of artisans, artists’ studios, and dapper flowery mansions lined its always busy streets. Sant’Antonino, classified among the most beautiful villages in France is all winding alleyways and vaulted passages, Muro and its beautiful baroque church, Speloncato whose houses seem to cling to each other not to tumble the rocky peak are also interesting for their architectural heritage as for the many departures of trails that lead the hiker in the heart of an enchanting countryside.

Landscapes, authenticity
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The Gulf of Porto, between sea and mountains

Shredded cliffs seem to fall directly into the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean: the wild landscapes of the west coast of Corsica are breathtaking. Among the most beautiful sites is that of the creeks of Piana. Surrounded by granite needles whose red contrasts with the whiteness of its houses, the village of Piana welcomes the visitor between small squares and fountains, a small church and traditional houses. Its mule track gives magnificent views of the creeks, which can be walked on foot through multiple marked hiking trails. You can also reach the beautiful village of Ota, near the Spelunca Gorge.

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The creeks of Piana
The village of Sainte-Lucie-de-Tallano
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Open on the open sea, Cap Corse

Long beaches of golden sand, lively seaside resorts, fishing villages and farmland succeed each other in Cap Corse. Here too, between customs trails offering beautiful walks along the coastline and dream beaches encouraging relaxation, nestle beautiful villages with houses made of silver gray-green shale stones. Following the Cape from Bastia, you will discover the charming marine Erbalunga, the chapel of Notre-Dame-des-Neiges frescoes of the fourteenth century near Castello before joining the great pieve Luri. Centuri, on the west coast, was one of the main trading ports of the island. It is now famous for lobster fishing (and that can be enjoyed!). It will not be missed then to Nonza, dominated by its tower paoline before reaching the seaside resort of Saint-Florent, door of Nebbio and its famous desert Agriates, vast expanse of maquis, paradise of the hiker.
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Southern Corsica

The chestnut, the pine, the beech, the steep peaks, the deep valleys and the dense forests make up the landscape of the Alta Rocca, very popular with hikers in the heart of sumptuous landscapes. Old village of shepherds and lumberjacks, Zonza, located at the foot of the needles Bavella, is the preferred starting point to discover the region that crisscrossed multiple trails. In addition to the very interesting archaeological sites of Cucuruzzu and Capula, the village of Saint Lucia de Tallano is worth a visit. Its narrow streets lined with beautiful granite houses, its fortified house are pretexts for pleasant strolls. As for its place shaded by plane trees, it irresistibly calls for an aperitif break, well deserved!

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