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The Island of Beauty, nickname of Corsica, is famous for its beaches and marinas, but its mountains, equally spectacular, are worth the detour.
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Corsican mountains

Nobility and character

The mountains are what gives Corsica this impression of strength, nobility and character. This vast rocky territory has 1,700 peaks, the highest reaching almost 3,000 meters (Monte Cinto). In the vicinity of Ghisonaccia to Ile Rousse, crossing Corte and Ponte Leccia, we reach two different mountain and nature plans: the north-eastern part, more prominent with its ridges that culminate at 1767 meters to Monte Petrone (Cap Corse) that extends to the Riviera Fiurmorbo. To the east is another slightly lower mountain range (1285 m). Several of its mountains bear poetic names such as “En-Deça-Des-Monts”, “The Peak of the Folicce”, “Monte Stello”, “Monte San Petrone” and “Monte Asto”. In the West, this mountainous part is called “Au-Delà-des-Monts”. You can admire among others the famous Bavella needles, Monte Cinto (the roof of the island), Monte Rotondo, Monte Oro, Monte Renoso, Punta di A Cappella. This territory consists of massive granite (needles) and some parts of rocks seem to continue in the Mediterranean. There are some of the highest peaks in the country. To discover the Corsican mountain, it is also to reach immense forests, valleys, torrents and waterfalls; we can even find mountain pastures and terraced crops (some 800 meters)! Not to mention the rivers, the streams inhabited by colorful trout, which rub shoulders with beech and chestnut woods.

Extraordinary summits
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The town of Corte
The Buja waterfall in San Gavinu di fiumorbo

What to do in the Corsican mountains?

Mountain activities are not limited to climbing, walking and trekking. You can fish in the torrents that run through it or enjoy a refreshing swim in its lakes and rivers. Some people like to ride or hike on their trails, on mountain bikes or quads, depending on their preferences. In winter, you can practice mountain skiing in several sites of the Costa Serena. Some places, however, are essential: for example, the exceptional site of Bavella, with its long granite needles and Laricci pines or the Aïtone and its “natural pools”, near the village of Évisa.

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Beautiful lakes for fishing and swimming in Corsica

Many lakes are scattered throughout the mountainous region of Corsica. Ideal for canoeing, kayaking, or even swimming (although the water is sometimes quite cool), these beautiful water features are full of fish. Lake Tolla, covering an area of 73 hectares and located 550 meters above sea level, is an example. Just like Lake Nino, one of the most magnificent and important in terms of its extent, among the must-see lakes of Corsica. The bravest will challenge themselves to swim in Lake Melo, where the water remains freezing for much of the year. These lakes are often embellished with “pozzines” (small water holes characteristic of the Corsican mountain landscape). If you prefer to bathe in the rivers, we invite you to go to La Restonica, a long river of about 20 kilometers, accessible by footpaths.

Do you know Cascade des Anglais?

This waterfall takes its name from the fact that it was very popular with the Anglo-Saxons in the early 20th century. It is part of the famous G20 stages and is reached from the Vizzavonane pass, after a pleasant walk that is suitable even for families and children. On the way you will come across a mysterious forest, a historic fort and a rocky passage. Natural basins at the foot of this waterfall, invite to swimming.
If climbing in the heart of the Corsican mountains is part of your projects, it is interesting to know that several tour operators organize this kind of activity, for adults and children, throughout the year, for all levels.

Some precautions:

If you intend to explore this land with pronounced relief, it will be necessary to equip yourself: good walking shoes, sunscreen (total), a first aid kit, hat or cap. Plan the essentials for a picnic, enough water for the day and snacks for breaks in nature. To help preserve and protect these mythical places, take care not to leave litter on the spot, or to tear up plants and flowers.
If climbing in the heart of the Corsican mountains is part of your projects, it is interesting to know that several tour operators organize this kind of activity, for adults and children, throughout the year, for all levels.

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