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A thousand-sided island

Corsica is an island that guarantees a total change of scenery while being very close to major French cities. The natural heritage is rich in contrasts between the white sand of the crystal clear coasts, the cliffs of white chalk or red granite, the mountains and the green and fresh valleys. Everything enchants and many surprises await you between the nature reserves and the remarkable natural sites. Browse the island of beauty from your Corsican campsite!

Ajaccio and its region

We love to stroll in Ajaccio in its colorful historic center and in the alleys in the footsteps of Napoleon. It is a city with a rich historical heritage labeled “City of Art and History”. Between its Genoese origins and the imposing monuments of the imperial period, many sites are to be discovered. The old harbor, the markets, the beaches including the famous Marinella beach near Parata and Genoese Tower, all these places are imbued with a soft Mediterranean atmosphere. The city is at the heart of one of the most beautiful gulfs in the world and, since a coastal path, we admire the Sanguinaires Islands, the peninsula of Parata, the Tower of Capitello. The Bridal Veil cascade in Bocognano or Lake Bracca in Tavera, close to the city, are worth a visit.

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West-Corsica region, Cargese, Porto, Piana

In the Gulf of Porto, we are at the center of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The coastline is bordered by red granite cliffs, the sea is deep blue. North of Porto, you must see Scandola in the center of a wild and generous nature, the peninsula of Girolata impressive wild beauty and Calanche de Piana chiselled by erosion. To appreciate all these splendid sites, a visit by the sea is essential. It allows to discover, in the natural reserve, a remarkable flora and ornithological fauna. Besides Porto, visit Piana and its beach of Arone, the beautiful village of Cargèse and its two churches (one of Roman Catholic rite, the other of Greek rite).

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Calvi, Ile Rousse and Balagne

In the northwest of the island, in Calvi Bay, the landscape is sumptuous: a gulf lined with mountains, a beach of five kilometers, the famous Genoese citadel of the thirteenth century overlooking the port. Enjoy the site from Notre Dame de la Serra perched at the top of the city.

Ile Rousse and its sandy beach in the city center is a popular destination. The pedestrian promenade, Piazza Paoli and the lighthouse on the peninsula of Pietra are popular. Inland Balagne is home to many agricultural activities such as viticulture, olive growing and beekeeping. You can follow a road of the senses and a road artisans.

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The region of Bastia, Saint-Florent, Nebbio and Cap-Corse

Bastia is a city of art and warm history that holds many architectural treasures. Stroll through the tall houses with colorful facades to the Citadel and the Cathedral, in the old port area of Saint Nicholas Square. The city is surrounded by unspoiled nature. To the north, Cap-Corse is a must. Fishing ports, typical Corsican villages like Rogliano, creeks, beaches and hiking trails in the maquis are available to you along a 40 km course. Nearby, the Nebbio region has large wine estates and beaches with turquoise waters (Lodo and Salecci). Patrimonio and its cathedral Saint-Martin is a pleasant stage before Saint-Florent. This city is the most famous seaside resort of the island, both for yachts that dock there as for its cultural and artistic events. Take the opportunity to taste the Corsican gastronomy.

Corte and the center of the island

Corte, the historic capital of Corsica, is located in the most mountainous region of the island, between the valley of Restonica and Tavignano. In Corte, the town where Pascal Paoli voted to vote for the Corsican constitution in 1755, the patrimonial tour of the old town reveals fabulous landscapes and the Citadel built in the 15th century. It houses the Regional Museum of Anthropology.

In the Regional Natural Park, all types of excursions are possible including hiking in the valleys of the Restonica or the Vizzavona area with the departure of the GR20, climbing and various mountain activities in Corsica. Mount Cinto, the highest point of the island, and one of the main ski resorts on the Col de Vergio are located in this region.

Other must-see places

The holidays are also pleasant in the area of Ghisonacccia, Aleria, Propriano, Solenzara with innumerable beaches or Caosta Verde, Casinca, Orezza d’Ampugnani which concentrate what the island has of the best, or the region of Sartenais-Valinco-Tavaro which contains very important historical vestiges.
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Southern Corsica, Bonifacio, Porto Vecchio

At the southern end of the island and facing Sardinia very close, Bonifacio is erected on white cliffs. The city offers a full range of beaches imaginable with fine sand, secret coves and islands of all sizes for a holiday of charm. The most diverse ballads are available to you, in the maquis, on the edge of cliffs or at sea to visit the Lavezzi islands or caves. Porto Vecchio, a little further north, is an ideal resort for a festive holiday with beautiful beaches near the city and huge crowded nightclubs.
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