Evenings at the campsite in Corsica

To make you spend holidays in Corsica festive and unforgettable, we organize parties with various themes and family. Ideal for meeting other vacationers and spending moments of pure happiness, they bring together young and old around musicals, cabaret shows, dance and magic. As for music, variety concerts await you, as well as typical Corsican songs accompanied by acoustic music: guitars or violin alone. According to the evenings, at Perla di Mare, you can have fun during a crazy pool party or immerse yourself in Corsican culture with emotion. To make you share moments of great conviviality, we also reserve you must-go mussels-chips or paella parties. Upstream of these big parties, the hour of the aperitif is an opportunity to challenge various games: quiz, blind test, speed games, or even mini-bingo!

Evenings and activities for the youngest

In Perla di Mare, we make sure that the youngest ones also enjoy special moments with friends. In the evening, our entertainment is always family to suit all ages. The children have their flagship moment: every day, the big parties open first on the mini-disco. From 8.30 pm to 9 pm, children gather to dance to their favorite music and learn together playful and summer choreographies. The younger ones also find their place during aperitif games, with blind collaborative tests parents / children around, for example the Disney universe. Among our big thematic evenings are also nice surprises for your children. During the summer, they can for example attend a great show with the heroes and heroines of their favorite animated films: a dance and singing show that summons The Frozen Queen, Vaiana, the Trolls, or the characters of the Ice Age.

at the camping

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